New Zealand is an ideal place to produce top-quality meat. The climate is temperate all year round, with an ideal balance of sunshine and rain. The rivers and streams are fresh and clear. The air is pure. The pastures are lush and nutritious with succulent grass and clover that cover large tracts.

In fact, there are no finer conditions in the world for raising sheep, cattle and deer. New Zealand’s farmers know this environment is special and precious, and they make the most of nature’s gift by applying sustainable agricultural practices. They know that good stewardship of the land protects their livelihood and their children’s future.

Sustainable agriculture ensures that farming practices and activities maintain and improve our natural resources of land, air and water. It involves the production of quality products without harming the environment or the community.

New Zealand agriculture is based on pastoral systems. Livestock are grazed on pasture all year round in most areas because of our temperate climate and high-producing grassland. In some areas, pasture is saved and stored at times of maximum growth to offset low growth in winter.

These conditions enable New Zealand to be energy-efficient. Extensive grassland systems for animal production favor sustainable agriculture since they are less wasteful of natural resources such as fossil fuels that are used more widely in the production of grains and processed animal feeds. Grassland systems also more efficiently convert solar energy to animal protein than more intensive systems.

Naturally, you demand the very best quality meat. With New Zealand Lamb that is exactly what you will get. Our Lamb is raised on the fresh, green fields of New Zealand and is not fed on concentrates or artificial foods.


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