The Lamb Cooperative is owned by the family farmers and manufacturers that raise and produce the delicious lamb you have purchased. Thank you for your patronage. We appreciate your discerning palette, and your decision to buy product from New Zealand. The meat you’re about to prepare is from a pristine place; one of the most naturally protected environments in the world.

New Zealand is an isolated island nation in the Pacific. Its location protects the country and its animals from many diseases which can plague continental lands.

The countryside that New Zealand sheep, cattle and deer graze on is lush, sun drenched and nutrient dense. Grass feeding is the norm, and animals roam free range on beautiful pasture land – seeking out their favorite native grasses, such as rye, clover and alfalfa.

A farmer’s heritage lies in their land. They are the stewards, passing precious acreage from one generation to the next. Sustainable farming methods are core and critical to preserve the unspoiled nature of New Zealand.

Our Farmers work in tandem with our Manufacturers to raise the highest quality animals to create the most delectable product for you to enjoy.


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